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Parad Padarasa Mercury Radha Krishna Idol – S946038


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Approximate Weight: 157 Grams

Approximate Dimension: 4Lx1.5Bx7.2H in cm

Material: Metal

Color: Silver



Parad is solidified Mercury, regarded as a auspicious for Pooja etc. Some of the reference in the ancient texts of Ayurveda and mythological origins which justifies these belief are as follows. It is stated and believed in various texts that if a mercury is placed and worshipped in a house, society, or a temple. It is considered that it leads to prosperity, positive strength, and also considered that god or goddess resides at that place for generations to generation. Radha Krishna is the eternal pair; their eternal love is celebrated throughout the universe. It is said that Lord Krishna controls the universe and Radha controls Lord Krishna. Radha and Krishna is an inseparable bondage.


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